Please complete the Will questionaire below.  We will draft your new Will and contact you to discuss. 

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Personal Details

Partner's Details

If you and your partner own a property in tenants in common, would you like to add in a life interest clause. This would mean that your partner would be able to live in the property until they either pass away or enter into a relationship in the nature of marriage.

Executors & Trustees

Please provide details of the person(s) who you would like to act as your executor(s) and administer your estate. If you have already nominated your partner as your executor, this/these person(s) will take your partner’s place in the event that they pass away.



If you have children under the age of 18, who would you like to appoint as their guardian(s). Please fill out their details.

Specific Gifts

If you would like to leave specific gifts to anyone, please fill in the below details:
Do you want to forgive any debts owed to you by family members or trusts?

Residue of Your Estate

The residue of your estate is what is left after debts and gifts have been paid.
Please fill out the below table as to who you wish to receive your residuary estate and if not in equal shares, what share the person will get.