There are two kinds of Enduring Powers of Attorney documents.

·     Personal Care & Welfare - which relates to your health and wellbeing; and

·     Property - which relates to your financial affairs and property/assets.

You can have one or more people as your Attorney for your property affairs.  You can also choose if you would like that Attorney to act for you when you are mentally capable or only if you become mentally incapable.  Plus, you can select people who you would like your Attorney to consult with before making any decisions.

If you would like your Attorney to only act for you should you become mentally incapable, then you would need to be deemed as such by a medical professional before the document can be activated.

An Enduring Power of Attorney for Personal Care & Welfare can have one person as your Attorney with someone else appointed as a successor should you wish.  Your Attorney would be responsible for making decisions on your behalf in regard to your personal care and welfare when you were no longer able to make those decisions for yourself, for example if you were involved in an accident or developed dementia.  Like an Enduring Power of Attorney for Property, you are able to appoint people who you would like your Attorney to consult with prior to making any decisions.

The cost of our Enduring Power of Attorney documents are fixed and include all the advice you need as well as an appointment with one of our solicitors to execute the document.    

Please email or call us if you would like to discuss getting Enduring Powers of Attorneys.  We can send a questionnaire to complete if easier.

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